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Granola Kit, 100% natural Stevia powder, cocoa powder and coffee. Free shipping!

by Trufel
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Get ready for an irresistibly healthy treat with our spectacular Nutritious Energy Kit! 🌟 Discover a unique combination of flavors that you will love from the first bite to the last sip. With Crunchy Granola, Natural Stevia Powder, Indulgent Cocoa Powder, and Premium Coffee, this kit is designed to elevate your mornings and liven up your afternoons.


🍂 Granola: Energy in every bite! 🍂 Our Granola has been carefully made with a mix of natural and nutritious ingredients. Each bite is a symphony of textures and flavors, combining the sweetness of honey with the crunchiness of nuts. How about a breakfast that fuels you with energy and keeps you satisfied until lunch? Our Granola does just that!

💚 Stevia powder: Sweetness without regrets 💚 Are you looking for a natural alternative to sugar? Do not look any further! Our Stevia powder is the perfect sweetener to sweeten your favorite drinks and recipes. With zero calories and a low glycemic index, you can enjoy the sweetness you love so much without worries. Guaranteed satisfaction for your palate and your well-being!

🍫 Cocoa powder: The pleasure of chocolate, without the guilt! 🍫 Who said that eating healthy means giving up chocolate? Our premium quality Cocoa Powder is the secret ingredient to creating delicious desserts and smoothies full of flavor. Rich in antioxidants and with an intoxicating aroma, cocoa gives you that special touch of indulgence you deserve.

Coffee: The engine for your busiest days ☕ Start your mornings with a cup of our premium Coffee. Grown in the most exquisite lands, each sip is a sensory experience that awakens your senses and prepares you to conquer the day. Whether alone or as a base for your favorite drink, our coffee ensures a unique experience that you will not want to stop enjoying.

What are you waiting for to take your culinary experience and energy to new levels? Our Nutritious Energy Kit is perfect for those looking to balance health with flavor. Order now and discover a world full of delicious and healthy possibilities! 🌱💪

 Kit Includes:

  • 1 Bag of Granola 250g
  • 1 Stevia powder 100g
  • 1 Bag of Cocoa Powder 250g
  • 1 Bag of Ground Coffee 1Kg
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